If you love running and want to improve marathon times when competing, you're going to love our new training program!

Whether you're a novice or seasoned veteran, you'll enjoy competing in marathons when you improve marathon time with our training program. No matter what major running event you choose to compete in, you're going to enjoy running closer to the head of the pack rather than near the end of it. Our innovative training program and accompanying manual are the only tools you'll need when you want to improve marathon performance. Best of all, it only takes 4 days a week to train so you still can have a life and not spend every waking hour in training.

We designed and developed our program with the competitive runner in mind. The training tips offered in our program and manual provide you with the following:

  • an easy to comprehend plan for training and improve marathon time
  • motivational quotations
  • proper nutrition guidelines
  • prevention and treatment of running injuries
  • specific workouts geared to improving endurance and running strength

No matter how much competitive running experience you have or what stage of training you are currently in, you'll find all the answers you're looking for when you enroll in our marathon training program and read our marathon training guide.

Fitness training is the key to successful marathon running!

Why is it important to participate in a fitness training program in order to improve marathon time? Let's consider something for a minute. First and foremost, lower body strength is the key where running successful marathons is concerned, and our program focuses on that training aspect. However, you also need to consider other aspects such as remaining fit and staying healthy while you are in training. Remaining fit and staying healthy boils down to 2 things - working out and eating properly.

There are 5 key reasons why you want to focus on the strength training of your lower body:

  • develop stronger legs
  • improve your running speed
  • increase your endurance
  • minimize lower body fatigue
  • protect yourself from overuse injury as well as other types of injuries

Granted, running is going to strengthen your legs. However, it involves more than that if you want to improve marathon performance. Our marathon fitness training program will also teach you how to improve leg muscle strength using specified exercises for the lower body. Even though many people see their running as being enough training, it really isn't.

You need to incorporate a fitness and strength training program into your weekly exercise regimen. It's a matter of improving lower body muscle and strength, as well as enhancing your endurance in the process. And we have the right program that will enable you to accomplish those exact goals so that you can compete more effectively when running marathons.



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