If you have never competed in a marathon before, we have the training program geared towards building lower body strength and increasing stamina so you can run competitively!

Our marathon training program is geared towards the serious runner so it isn't for everyone. If you've thought about competing in a marathon in the hopes of finishing, you need to check our program out. Most marathon training programs overlook tow key elements when training people to run in competitive events - building lower body strength and increasing stamina! And we have found out that those are the two most critical elements involved.

We know that many runners feel that running everyday is sufficient and will help them to train more effectively. This is not the case. We can teach you how to run a marathon with our training program. Aside from building lower body strength and increasing stamina, you need to be aware of some of the other critical factors involved with our marathon training program including the following:

  • combining mental stamina with physical stamina so you have the right attitude
    and perform better
  • the proper combination of diet and exercise is required
  • equipment such as footwear can make the difference between finishing at the
    head of the pack or behind it

Just be aware of the fact that no matter how good a marathon training program is, it's not going to benefit you if you don't bring 3 key elements to the table.

It's all about dedication, desire, and determination!

Like we've said all along, this isn't rocket science. It's a basic marathon training program that is geared towards the serious runner and will help to improve marathon time. Granted, we can't promise you that you're going to win each and every marathon you enter. However, we can tell you that our program and marathon training tips will benefit you unlike any other marathon training program you may have enrolled in before. Here are 5 key reasons why our training program like ours works:

  • the program is simple to follow and understand
  • our running workouts are geared towards increasing endurance and building lower body strength
  • we provide you with the necessary nutritional guidelines to enhance your training
  • you'll learn how to avoid injuring yourself while training
  • we'll keep you motivated so that you don't quit and achieve your goals

Just keep in mind that if you are only running for exercise and fun that this program may not be the right fitness program for you. However, if you've been looking for the marathon training program that targets your specific needs and helps you to finish better every time you compete, this one is just the one you've been searching for. Contrary to what you may have been told, learning how to run a marathon involves a lot more than just running everyday. In fact, our program involves working out only 4 times per week so you can still have a life without training day in and day out.



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