Looking for a Boston marathon training program that can deliver the results it promises? Look no further - we've got the program you!

You may not realize this, but Boston marathon training involves a lot more than just running. It involves building lower body strength so that you can run faster and improve your endurance when competing in a marathon. However, there are other factors involved in marathon training and our Boston marathon training programs have all the bases covered so that you can run longer and faster. Who knows? You could be the leader of the pack in the next marathon.

Of course we can't promise that. But what we can promise you is that our Boston marathon training programs and tips are going to help you maintain your fitness and health levels better than any other local area program that you'll find out there. Additionally, you'll also learn the importance and value of our programs and training tips because you will benefit by:

  • being able to run faster
  • developing more leg power
  • increasing your endurance and stamina levels
  • minimizing your lower body fatigue when training
  • protecting yourself from running injuries (including overuse injuries)

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Aside from lower body strength and stamina improvements, you need to pay attention to some other critical factors involved with Boston marathon training such as the following:

  • your nutrition - what you eat is critical to staying fit and healthy
  • your mental stamina as well as your physical stamina - balance your running skills and your success with a combination of both mental and physical stamina
  • your equipment - the right footwear could mean the difference between finishing closer to the head of the pack instead of closer to the rear

Improving your marathon running time is a matter of not neglecting the benefits of lower body strength training. But it's also a matter of enrolling in a Boston marathon training program that will not keep you from having a life outside of training. Unlike other marathon training programs here in the Boston area, ours only requires 4 workouts per week - not some everyday regimen that equates to torture and possibly resulting in an overuse type of injury!



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You know that you want to run more effectively and improve marathon time whenever you are competing. Our Boston marathon training programs are geared towards the runner that is serious about how quickly they can finish a race and how well they can endure running for up to 20 miles and 3 or more hours without stopping. We all have our reasons for running over and above winning a marathon. Running helps you feel better about yourself, lose weight, and is a great stress reliever. However, if you are really serious about performing better in the Boston marathon, then this program has been designed and developed to help you achieve those goals while keeping fit and healthy in the process.

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