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Jill BruyereMy name is Jill Bruyere and I am a fitness professional living in Seattle, WA.  I am 32 years old and absolutely love my job as a personal trainer, marathon fitness coach, and motivational speaker. 

My true passion in the fitness industry is to help as many people as I can run a successful and healthy marathon. Personally, I have run five marathons which include: Maui, Washington DC, Seattle, Boston, and New York. I am very competitive and set high standards for myself. I had a goal to not only finish, but finish under 3:40. I did not reach my goal on the first marathon attempt, so I signed up for my 2nd. In my 2nd attempt, I still did not reach my goal. I changed up my training plan and by the 3rd marathon, I was able to take 16 minutes off my time and finished win 3:27. I continued with the same training program and finished my next two races under 3:35.

I coach and train individuals for running success, weight loss, lean muscle gain, and sports performance in Seattle, Washington. I am the Director of the triathlon and endurance center at the Washington Athletic Club. I competed in soccer at the collegiate and semi-professional level and now race in many running and triathlon races, including marathons.

I am here to share with you the secrets to running your best marathon race. My experiences have taught me to design the best training program in order to complete a healthier and faster marathon. I have been able to help many individuals train successfully and reach their marathon time goals.

My credentials include:

  • Bachelor's degree from the University of New Mexico in exercise physiology
  • Master's degree from the University of Washington in Sports Leadership
  • AmericanCollege of Sports Medicine, Health/Fitness Specialist
  • International Youth Conditioning Level 1 Specialist

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